After tying the knot, we decided on Morocco as our mini-moon destination. It is the perfect place to mix relaxation with culture and sightseeing. There was so much more to do here than we first realised and we could have definitely spent a jam packed week here and still not see everything.  

Ait Ben Haddou & High Atlas Mountains

My phone pinged alerting me to an email. “Dear Gina, I would like to inform you about your meeting point and exact time for your full day trip from Marrakesh…

Whistle-stop Marrakesh in a day

I think everyone who visits Marrakesh has their own unique experience of the place, and for a lot of people this is place is like Marmite – you either love or hate it. 

10 top tips for your first visit to Marrakesh

Visiting a new country can be daunting.

Here are our top tips for travellers venturing to Marrakesh, or Morocco, for the first time.