Blue Lagoon and the Reykjanes Peninsula

I’d had a rubbish year of buying presents for Jamie. First, the tickets I had bought to see one of his favourite comedians from a resale site were fake. Then I bought him video games for the wrong console…twice.

So, after feeling like a bad girlfriend, and with his birthday and Christmas coming up, I stumbled upon some cheap flights to Reykjavik.

A few months later, we were jetting off to Iceland to meet our guide, Luca from Raven Travel.

Blue Lagoon

It was an overcast day when we landed in Keflavik. We met Luca in the airport and he drove us to the world famous Blue Lagoon. The site is a short drive from the airport, so makes sense to visit here before driving to the capital, or on your way to catch the flight home.

There was a moment of apprehension as we both stood in our swimwear in the warmth, knowing we would have to go out into the bitter cold to get into the water. We were soon bathing in the warm, milky blue waters.

It was a very weird sensation to be in warm water in a swim suit while the people walking past are all wearing big coats and hats.

After having our complimentary wine, we made our way to the ‘massage section’ for our back massages. I wasn’t sure how this would work, since it was done in the water.

We each  laid on a float and were covered in a warm, wet towel to keep us warm during our treatment. The woman then reached her arm under the float to start the back rub. And I definitely drifted off to sleep after being dunked a few times in the water to reheat the towel.

What felt like moments later, it was all over, and time to run back inside to the warmth of the building.


Luca was waiting for us as we left the changing rooms and we were ready for lunch. He told us not to eat at the Blue Lagoon and that he knew a nice place a little further down the road in Grindavik. Pulling up outside Salthusid, I could smell the fish and potatoes, yum!

The food was absolutely delicious, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a bite to eat after visiting the Lagoon.

Before heading into Reykjavik, we climbed inside Luca’s huge jeep for a tour around the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Reykjanes Peninsula

Considering how busy it had been at the Blue Lagoon, we didn’t see a soul as we drove around the peninsula. Luca made a stop to give us our first taste of Iceland’s wild landscapes. We walked a short distance and came across an abandoned stone fishing hut.

Driving a little further, we passed scenery not dissimilar to that of the Scottish Highlands. But our next stop was something out of this world – Seltun geothermal area.

The smell of sulphur was the first thing to hit me. Then we turned the corner to be confronted with the spectacular thermal springs, steam vents and boiling mud pots.

 It may have been the longer route into the capital but it was worth it. A perfect way to start our trip to Iceland.

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