A fascinating country full of natural wonders, and very cold in February! Unforgettable in fact, plus this is country were we got engaged and where our blog was born.   

Blue Lagoon and the Reykjanes Peninsula

It was an overcast day when we landed in Keflavik. We met Luca in the airport and he drove us to the world famous Blue Lagoon

One day in Reykjavik

For many, like us, Reykjavik is the base for a short break to this spectacular destination. We had one day to explore Reykjavik and see what the world’s most northerly capital has to offer.   

jamie groom and gina groom at gullfoss waterfall iceland
Golden Circle tour
gina groom and jamie groom in iceland
South Coast tour
Top 11 things to do in Iceland

Our top things to do in and around Reykjavik. Your ultimate bucket list for Iceland.