California and Nevada

Just the two of us with 1,500 miles to explore in a mustang and twelve incredible destinations along the way.  

Los Angeles

Jamie’s face lit up as he saw the red mustang convertible heading towards us.

“Here’s your keys, Sir”, the attendant said handing them over…

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Santa Barbara 

The next stop on our 1,500 road trip was Santa Barbara.

On the way out of Los Angeles, we decided to stop off at Paramount Ranch. It took around 40…

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It was a 237 mile trip from ‘America’s Rivera’, Santa Barbara, to Monterey.

Well that’s how long it should have been but we got distracted…

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“Should we book the night tour, or the day one?”

This is a question we pondered for a long time when researching San Francisco and Alcatraz…

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San Francisco 

“Welcome aboard” sang our tour guide Vicky, “how are we all this morning…welcome to the beautiful Saaaaan Fraaaaancisco!” 

She had a beautiful lilting…

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Muir Woods

“Why would you go to San Francisco and spend over half a day of your two days here wandering around the woods?” I hear you cry. Well, it’s very simple. Just…

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Lake Tahoe

The drive from San Francisco to South Lake Tahoe was a beautiful one. We passed over the Bay Bridge, leaving the City behind and up to Sacramento…

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Mammoth Lakes

“Roof down?” Jamie asked as we headed out of South Lake Tahoe. But it was a rhetorical one as he pressed the button to expose ourselves to the elements. Despite the blue…

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“It didn’t look this far on the map” I said as satnav sprung to life and told us it was a two and a half hour journey to the Yosemite Valley Visitors Centre from Mammoth…

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Death Valley

We had two choices for routes to get to Vegas – the direct route by Big Pine and the 95, which is around 308 miles and 5 hours driving, or the 64 mile detour through Death Valley. 

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Las Vegas

For as long as I’ve known him, Jamie has wanted to go to Vegas, so when we were planning our Californian road trip, we had to include a few days in Sin City.

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Grand Canyon

Two of the biggest questions people have about day trips to the Grand Canyon from Vegas are: do we visit the South or West Rim? And do we go by helicopter or drive?

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